Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Blog Rounds 22: A Legacy

More often than not, I get to receive beautiful gifts that come straight from the heart. Even those so-called "generic gifts", I consider as heartfelt; it is a lot better to look at it that way. I love opening gifts, but at the same time I do not mind not receiving any gifts. This is just one of the many paradoxes of my disposition.

I remember someone whom I used to think was the worst person to ever receive a gift. I am talking about my late mother, who always left me exasperated during Christmas and her birthday. Not once did I see her happy with my gifts. In fact, I could hardly remember any instance when she was completely satisfied with what I did, ever. My mother was probably the most generous person around, lending help in any form to her less fortunate friends, unconditionally. I received some of the best material gifts from her, and so did my siblings. My mother was a very beautiful person, but she was also the worst recipient of gifts that came specifically from me. And for many years, I was, in a way, sore....

Mom and I, Recognition Day, many many years ago

Then again, my mother was not one to openly express her appreciation. This I would fully learn and understand weeks after her death, when we were fixing some of her stuff.

My mother kept all the things I gave her, all the letters I wrote her. She kept all my awards when I was still in primary and secondary school, and all clippings that bore my name. My sister, who lived with my mom during the last few years of her life, told me that she talked about me with pride to her young grandchildren. (No wonder these kids initially wanted to be doctors. It was brainwash!)

My mother, it seemed, gave a lot of herself, and kept a lot to herself at the same time. And for me, this is probably her last and best gift - her legacy - that she left before she stepped out of this world. Love, definitely, goes beyond the act of physical gift-giving ... and yes, it is best expressed without words.


This is my submission to The Blog Rounds 22nd edition, whose theme is The Gift, hosted by the rising star Merricherri.


the philippine daily idiot said...

awwwww. this is for the previous tbr at the blog of doc ness, too. judging from the pic, i can see your mom is hip. :)

MerryCherry, MD said...

I agree with Mel.

True Doc, what a better gift than your legacy. Nothing can top your mom talking about you with pride. It's heart warming.

Thanks Doc for the entry.

MerryCherry, MD said...

TBR 22 is UP. Thanks for joining. Happy Holidays!

The Last Song Syndrome said...

@meloinks: ay, that woman is truly hip! she liked yano, a big fan of paul anka, tolerated my preference in music. magaling pang mag-family computer! hehe

@che: thanks. yes, nothing can be more touching than parents talking about you with pride, especially when you think you were the family's prodigal child. ;)

Bone MD said...

Don't we love our mom???!

I do...