Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Blog Rounds 21: (Almost) Driven To Tears

Say, what makes me cry?

Many things. Each reason meriting a post, or two, or more. There is loss, frustration, disappointment, rage: all valid reasons for me to shed tears.

I have not cried in recent memory. Of late, however, are circumstances that left me overwhelmed, to say to the least.


A few days ago, I flew to Hong Kong out of what seemed to be a caprice. In reality, this is far from being a holiday trip. I want ANSWERS to the many questions gnawing in my heart after I left Hong Kong last year.

I got more than just answers.

I received the warmest welcome I have ever had in years. I was brought to places I used to frequent, like it was old and happy times. I was fed with heavenly food like hargow and xiao long bao ("We will order your favorite dimsum!") in one of the newest restaurants that side of

More than these, however, were assurances, kind words, and encouragements. "People can only talk ... they only have mouths," I was told. This statement spoke volumes.

I never expected this trip to come out this way; for months I have been putting it off. I am very thankful that I gave in to my "whims".

I can only castigate myself for doubting, and shake my head for my lack of faith. For many months I paid attention to so many rumours, nurturing my bruised confidence in the process.

And now that I took that leap of faith, I found that the answers are all very clear. I am overjoyed, so overjoyed, that I am beyond merely shedding tears - of happiness.

[Thank you is not enough, my dear friends.]

This is my submission to The Blog Rounds 21st edition, whose theme is M*U*S*H, hosted by the indefatigable Dra. Ness.


AL said...

Did you change your e-mail?
The e-mails I send are bouncing back.

Can you send me your new e-mail??


Bone MD said...

Tears of joy???!

I was crying dry, and you actually had tears of joy!

Well, at least orthopods' lacrimal glands function! Hahaha

J.A. said...

Beyond tears, that's really something else!

the philippine daily idiot said...

congrats for finally migrating. the people at multiply blog have all gotten their multiplications wrong. :-)

what was the hongkong trip really all about? :-)

The Last Song Syndrome said...


yes, dr. remo, orthopods shed tears. and they have hearts too :)


true. words are not enough.


the people at multiply need a logarithm table. what the trip is about? my future :D

MerryCherry, MD said...

I was trying to look for my comment, then I didn't find it, then I got confused, only to find out, I left it at the multiply account. Kakalito. Hahaha.

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