Friday, October 10, 2008

Before Everything Else, The Redux

Hi, I am Gigi, known to my friends in The Blog Rounds as Lei Si of Beyond Borders: The Lei Si Chronicles. To others, I am Marika, currently holding fort at Trash Radio Manila along with some friends. I am also called Marika in this very magical world I have gotten myself involved with of late. I used to scoff at the thought of maintaining multiple sites in the web. I still do. But.

My (rather puny) involvement in The Blog Rounds, spearheaded by BoneDoc, for a good number of months have made me realize that a blog maintained in a network site like Multiply is rather limited in its function. I have talked about this concern here, and after many months of ruminating, I finally resolved to move all the contents of The Lei Si Chronicles here in this platform. Some of the pictures and music will be migrated as well.

I will do this at my own pace, taking time to learn. Please be patient: I am a work in progress. Thanks, and join me in both my restless and listless endeavours if you wish...but be warned ;)


Bone MD said...

Wow! First ever commenter!

Glad you'd finally "migrated".

Keep blogging!

ness said...

Hi Gigi/Lei Si/Marika,

Welcome to Blogger!!!

I think this blog host is more user friendly to both author and readers. Hurray!

Looking forward to your post for TBR. :-)

The Last Song Syndrome said...


You, and the rest of the members of TBR, are my inspiration. Cheesy, but true.

@Dra. Ness,

Thank you. Cheers! It is...liberating.

Mae the CEO said...

Hi ate Gigi! eto naman ang blog ko...

xtin said...

your new home is lookin' good! congrats, doc gigi :)

The Last Song Syndrome said...




Salamat ng marami. yes, I need to catch up on your posts. I adore coconut cream and how it blankets that glutinous rice dessert in that photo of yours...oh! :P~