Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hong Kong, One Year After 1: A Repeat Visit

Sunset, harbour area, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hkg, Oct 2008

It was an email from a former roommate that started it all.
"Dear Gigi,

When will you come back to Hong Kong."
Suddenly, I found myself booking online. Four days, three nights in the city that, contrary to popular opinion, sleeps - at around 3 am, that is. It is getting to be a yearly habit, this trip. In my mind are thoughts that dart to and fro.

This is a long-overdue return.

Is it ok to bring dried mangoes to my Hong Kong friends?

Finally. Xiao Long Bao to die for.

Need to load my Octopus card.

Oh no. People will come up to me and talk in Cantonese, thinking I'm a resident. (It always happens 99% of the time.)

Will my colleagues welcome me?

And many more concerns that reveal my insecurities anchored from last year's trip.

Last year, I started a Multiply account where I loosely documented my prolonged stay in Hong Kong. Those were both happy and pensive times all put in a collage of pictures, music, and words.

Now I have returned (again) to the city that has been generally kind to me. How has it been? The economic climate is quite different now, and personal situations have been altered. The great city appears to be the same, but I felt some hints of change, as I will write about later....


MerryCherry, MD said...

Hmm what are those changes kaya? ;)

Btw, TBR 22 is coming up Doc. Please join. THE GIFT

The Last Song Syndrome said...


interesting choice of topic. i promise to submit :)