Monday, January 9, 2012

(Hospital) Room With A View, New Year 2012

Spending the holidays in the hospital is, apparently, not an unusual occurrence for me, a person belonging to the health sector. Nor do I find myself moping if ever I had to stay in the hospital during Christmas, or New Year. Not always, anyway. As long as the reason is work, I do not mind. 

This year past - 2011 that is - as in the past year (2010), I spent my holidays in the hospital. Not because of work. The room where we stayed in, fortunately, had big windows. Through these windows we saw the year that was 2011  pass us by to make way for 2012. No, to be spending the new year's eve in the hospital is not new to me at all...and I would not mind if it were because of work...

Happy 2012 to you all.

(Photos taken from a room at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center, San Juan City, NCR, Philippines)