Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Blog Rounds Call For Articles: Letter To A (Medical) Graduate

How fast time flies. The Blog Rounds has already made it past the one-year mark. And surprise, surprise, it is my turn once again to host.

In the Philippines, March is the month associated with school graduations. With recession gripping practically all the countries around the world, things are certainly not looking bright for graduates who are about to join the workforce. Or is it? What do you think?

Soon, hundreds of hopeful doctors will be joining the swelling labour force, too, thus facing a new, uncertain chapter of their lives. So, if a fresh medical graduate comes up to you and ask what he should expect in the future, what would you say? Such is the premise of the theme of the March 2009 edition of The Blog Rounds.

As has always been our practice, this is going to be a loosely-themed edition. It would be interesting to know what you have to say, taking into consideration the dire global economic conditions and the moral decay that is plaguing our society.

With the permission of BoneDoc, I wish to extend the deadline of submission of articles to March 9, 11pm Manila time. Do leave a comment here in my blog, or drop me a message at thelastsongsyndrome[at]gmail[dot]com, at the chatbox, or at the yahoogroup. (Forget about my multiply account. :) ) If you have questions, fire away. Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you guys.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Last Song Syndrome 7: It Must Be Love (Madness), for Luis

"How can it be that we can
Say so much without words?
Bless you and bless me
Bless the bees
And the birds."

Madness, "It Must Be Love"
A few weeks ago, we organised a party commemorating the second death anniversary of a good friend named Luis. Luis passed away last January 2007 in a vehicular accident, and suffice to say, this very amiable man is sorely missed by many friends and admirers of his talent up until now.

At one point in The GoSignals' set, Luis' friend (and wife to the band's bassist) went up the stage and narrated an anecdote. Luis, she said, would sing to her this one particular song he liked whenever they were aboard a jeepney. Familiar chords started to ring in the air, and a voice sang this very familiar line.

"I never thought I'd miss you
Half as much as I do..."

There were no tears, just happy memories, mostly of Luis'. I suppose, even for those who do not know Luis that much, this song evokes imagery that is just as sweet. Anyway, you can also look at the video and find out what I mean by "sweet".

Seriously now. Suggs and the rest of the lads are adorable, just like this song, which resurfaces in my consciousness as I remember Luis. As for the rest of you, enjoy, and whether you call this romantic or not, I hope you guys have a great V-week.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blog Rounds Love Edition: Love Is

This post is partly inspired by Charles Schultz's "Happiness Is A Warm Puppy", a pretty red booklet which I received as a gift when I was still a little girl.

My other inspiration comes from John Lennon's deceptively simple song, "Love".

In all honesty, I have not found the precise meaning of love yet. William Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 probably comes closest to my sentiments. But I can enumerate a manifestation or two, or more, of love. Here goes.

Love is:

1. accepting and delighting on one another's differences
2. spending time on something that gives you extreme happiness and fulfillment
3. being together, not speaking a word, and enjoying every minute of it

4. standing for what you believe in, despite the odds
5. finding color in the midst of a gray afternoon
6. as constant as the sun ...
... and the rain
7. can be found in things both simple ...
... or fancy ...

8. ... and even in places where life is nearly extinct.
9. But above all, love is the reason for having the will to live, give, be inspired and thankful at the end of the day.
Shall I say, Happy Valentines Day?

This is my contribution to The Blog Rounds Love Edition, hosted by the inimitable Em Dy.