Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Last Song Syndrome 3: Echobelly (Insomniac), November 1, 2008 to present

"I think you ought to know,
I think we've lost control dear,
Whatever turned you on,
You put it up your nose dear,
And though the feeling was sublime,
I think we're running out of time,
'Cos when you found it, you'd fix it,
Then lose it and then you'd go."

- Echobelly, "Insomniac"
I have been away, and didn't realise that I have been for quite sometime until this weekend. It's been busy, quite so.

I am, for a good part of my life, an insomniac, and as such I posted this song as an obvious reference. Lately, I have been playing this song more often than usual.

At the moment this song reminds me of two persons. Both are getting to be frequent companions of late, though in different mediums. To state the reason why would be a little sticky for both. Forego the nice stories then.

Suffice to say, one of them would know why this post is being written; the other has practically no idea.

To both of you: Have you really lost control?

Learn more about Echobelly here.

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