Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Year Of Reading And Rereading

It would have been more enticing to say, "A year of lying butt-naked somewhere in a beach in El Nido". Or maybe, "A year of soaking myself in the hot springs until my skin turns into a pale wrinkled grape peel" would sound just as appealing. "A year of wanton coquetry in the pouring rain" is something to really look forward to except that the imagery it gives me is similar to that of Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook, of which I am not too much of a fan.

Instead, I would discover during my (never-ending) spring cleaning that I have a lot of books: some I have read many times over, others I am not quite sure if I have read at all. The more I unearth my books from the dusty cabinet, the more I feel the compulsion to read them all.

Some books for me to read and reread:

1. The Little Prince: Airman's Odyssey

This is The Little Prince plus a trilogy: Wind, Sand and Star; Night Flight; and Flight to Arras. I received this as gift from a friend whose love for books can be gleaned in her correspondences. Thank you Cristy.

2. Amor Con A

A collection of poetry from the Colombian poetess Angela Becerra. A gift, this time from a friend who was on vaction from her work in Colombia. I am not done reading this yet though, but I certainly appreciate the lyricism of the poems, which are all in Spanish.

3. The Kite Runner

I never really got to seriously read this even though I got hold of the hard-bound edition over a year ago. I am on Chapter 7 right now.

4. A Swiftly Tilting Planet

Madeleine L'Engle is a favorite. It is the child in me, I know that for a fact.

5. The Deans December

I was reading this book last year, and I remember appreciating it, except that last year, my only opportunity to read this book was inside the car. When Je died, I sort of forgot about it somehow. As soon as I found my book I resolved to reread it really soon.

[A hundred and so books to go...]

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