Monday, February 15, 2010

A (Somewhat) Unusual Valentine's Day

Far from the throngs of people trooping to the malls, amusement parks, moviehouses, and swanky restaurants, I found myself here, leaving a bouquet of white flowers, lighting candles, sending my thoughts and prayers to someone in another dimension ...

... and here, dining on a plateful of lechon, taking photographs of the native delicacy, with the intention of sending my thoughts and sharing my part-existentialist part-surreal experiences with someone halfway around the world.

It was a well-spent day.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Also, it is the start of the new year in the Chinese calendar ... make way for the tiger :)


Anonymous said...

lechon ... lechon ..... lechon .... OMG ^^
miam miam !! end as lechon ?

beso beso

You know who I am

gigi said...

Hello, "you know who i am" :)

Ended the day with lechon? In a way, yes.

La journée s'est terminée avec un "lechon spar" (bien sûr, tu savez) ;)

(Song playing in my mind right now: NIN's "March Of The Pigs"

"All the pigs are all lined up.
I give you all that you want.
Take the skin and peel it back;
but doesn't it make you feel better?
The pigs have won tonight.
They can all sleep soundly,
and everything is all right."

*****Pas une chanson très romantique, but what the heck.)

Muchos besos.