Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An Early Summer

This year's summer of my life has arrived too soon.
(It felt so great to wake up to a beautiful Monday morning,)

Perhaps, to make up for the summer that I had traumatically lost last year.

I see more and more sunbeams. And mangoes. And chocolate. And the beach. And when I close my eyes I can feel the sea breeze. And the water on my skin. How cool it is to start anew.

I seek not to replace anything. Everything has been all good, and I am much thankful. It has been a beautiful life.

I am now ready to embrace change, like a trusting child.

Time to write a new and beautiful chapter.

(Merci beaucoup. You know who you are. 8 Feb 2010)


Anonymous said...

kumasta ka ^^

" je pense le soleil de l'homme c'est l'homme "

" I think the sun of man is man "


" le soleil est nouveau chaque jour "

" the sun is new every day "

Bai bai Salamat

( You know who I am . 7 Feb 2010 )

gigi said...

Hello, "you know who I am" :)

Il est tres facile que dire, pour répondre à tu commentaire:

"La soleil fait fondre mon coeur." The sun melts my heart. (pour les personnes romantiques, hmmm hmmm, sounds familiar, haha)


"La soleil fait fondre man chocolat." The sun melts my chocolate. (pour les gourmands, hmmm hmmm, i know one, heheh)

But I choose to put this instead.

The Sun Never Says

Even after all this time
the sun never says to the earth,

"You owe me."

Look what happens
with a love like that -

it lights the whole world.

- Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz (c. 1320-1389)

***doux pensee***

Anonymous said...

Heat ( mainit ) ^^

As tired women languorously undress, 

Summer divests her, breathing roses' scent; 

The mirror in her closèd chamber bent
Palely reflects her easeful idleness.

One single beam through lowered blinds caresses
And gilds her chignon like a cake baked brown,
Her fragrant bosom that the sweat runs down
Out of her crumpled linen softly presses.

And while unto her feet her garments fall,
With brow bent backwards by her unbound tresses
The summer shuts her eyes, weighs and caresses
One of her breasts with hand mechanical.

Pierre Lièvre (1882-1939)

( you know who I am ??? )

gigi said...


Mainit nga, haha.

Il semble que le thème de seins te donne plus de plaisir que le thème du soleil (joke! joke! but not that i mind :D)

Il devient de plus en plus chaud ici journée à la journée. Summer time :)