Friday, December 16, 2011

To Paul, (arguably) the coolest guy on the planet


You are probably the coolest guy to have ever lived on the planet.

(I know, I once said that I love Joe Strummer more, but I think you're cooler ... and a lot more like my boyfriend, who passed away more than 2 years ago.)

My late boyfriend, whom I adored and admired so much, took after your coolness. He lived by Joe Strummer's ideals, dug deep into Mick Jones' pop sensibilities, understood Topper Heddon's rebellious streak. But, if he were alive to this day, he'd probably deny this, but I'd say, in my most biased assertion, he was very much like you.

While it is only coincidental, he also played the bass guitar. He was a left-handed punk bass player, a really mean one at that.

To be idolized by men may feel like identifying with you in a fraternal manner. Maybe some may even look up to you as a father or even a godfather. I can surmise that many women see you more like a good-looking man worthy of a dream. I wonder, given the above situation, to what category my adulation qualifies.

But does it matter?

I came across this piece of news, and I am convinced that you are (still) my favorite cool guy on the planet.

So to you Paul, may you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my heartfelt greetings coming from the opposite side of the world. You can never be my boyfriend, but you were my boyfriend's hero, and my idol as well. That, for me, is more than enough. :)

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