Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine-Related Conversation Two Months Before Valentine Month

Below is a conversation with a good friend in Facebook. The premise is, I found a cool Japanese proverb about love and I posted it in my status, just because it's neat, and not because I am feeling romantic.

On Facebook, two months ago, this was my status:
Koi ni shishou nashi.
[Love needs no teaching.]
- Japanese proverb
I got this particular response from a friend.

true... found love again?

And I answered.

nope...and i am not looking for one ^^

Friend replied back.

no need to look... it will find you whether you like it or not ;)

My response.

love will have a really awful hard time finding me, loool. good luck to it ;) :P

The reaction.

LMAO!!!!! you must be hiding really well!

Ahh... No no, I am not a cynic. I am just pragmatic.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone. :)

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