Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day does not leave as much impact as Mother's Day for many people. I, however, know of male friends who are great fathers. Take a bow, y'all.^^ Your children (and, sige na nga, your wives na rin ;P) are very lucky.

To you my exalted father friends, Happy Father's Day.

(To JAB, yes you too, I know how much you love your kids, and I am sure they know that happy, wherever you are, I will keep an eye on your behalf....)


Sonia said...

I know eh...Pops doesn't get as much attention as Ma. :-p He doesn't expect a lot of pomp and circumstance on that day anyway. :-p

The Last Song Syndrome said...

yes, for some reasons, most dads i know do not expect as much in this respect :)