Friday, January 29, 2010

Friend or Foe

There is someone in my life right now that has become, to me, both indispensable and dispensable, depending on the circumstance.

Since communication happens to be a very crucial element of my existence, it would be logical for me to rely on this - creature - during dialogues with people whose language differ from mine.

He seems to be so useful, like a patronising fan of an aging rock star. I certainly rely on him for the most part. He is like someone who would win the Mr. Congeniality Title in some beauty tilt because he tries and has apprently succeeded in winning almost everyone's trust.

He is, of course, a provider of some superficial sense of security. Because, like a lot of people I know - those who put their best foot forward and calls everyone "Sir" and "Madame" until your ear aches, and hits you with a bread knife at the back - this creature has a propensity to do the same thing.

You think you are secured with him? Wait til you find out some nasty things that he is capable of doing.

There are times, when you confide something to him, he changes the context of what you want to actually tell the other person. It can sound a bit ridiculous (The sentence "Do you want to drink a little?" turns into "Do you want to drink a can?"), or sometimes disturbing ("Just like you" turns into "I eat you").

It can get even worse, because this creature can be really vengeful. It can actually reverse meanings ("I don't know" becomes "I know"). What the frigging heck.

Like a lamb, it will just look at you meekly, while the rest of you have started an argument, because of his follies.

I know better now think. I learned to be less reliant on him. He is no different from the many people I have come to meet.

Knowledge is one thing. Sensitivity is another. Too much reliance on someone or something can be fatal.

So, listen up, TRANSLATOR. I still need you, but I am already pissed with you.


Anonymous said...

I think the translation is at best an echo.
Sometimes I am told that the words used to express ideas and when the idea is captured, he must forget the words.
I'm greedy, so before mincing words I eat my ideas.
I try to pay attention to words, because often they can become cages.

I always thought that is what escapes the words that words should mean, but sometimes the thoughts fly and words go on foot :-)

He who speaks alone hopes to talk to God one day can be


sweet thought to User translator ( miam miam )


The Last Song Syndrome said...

Mon petit crevette,

Tu est gris toujours? Hehehe.

J'ai déjà écrit mon commentaire, mais de toute façon il s'est perdu dans "comment heaven". I will write it again, hmf.

Je me souviens de mon professeur d'anglais et de notre leçon sur les mots et les idées.

The expression of the idea using words is like an "inverted pyramid".

Au sommet se trouve l'idée. Il est le "complete concept".

When a person tries to communicate the idea, he uses words. But words cannot express the total idea, en raison de l'échec de mots pour exprimer tout ce qui est à l'esprit.

As the idea is communicated further, more and more is lost with words. Thus, voila, le inverted pyramid.

Je pensee, c'est la même situation avec le traducteur.

Does it make sense?

Mango! Mango! (miam miam)

Anonymous said...

Shrimp Grilled ( miam miam )

L'idée je pense a un caractère d'utopie , d'idéal toujours poursuivi et jamais atteint . C'est alors l'objet idéal du désir puisque le désir naît du manque éprouvé . ( il me semble )

Peut être , laissons les idées au ciel de l'utopie comme des astres qui orientent notre liberté :-)


English Translator google :-(

The idea I think has a character of utopian ideals always pursued and never attained. Then the ideal object of desire as the desire arises from the lack experienced. (I think)

Maybe, let the sky ideas of utopia as the stars that guide our freedom :-)


It's raining mangoes at home.
It's raining mangoes in Britain
"It rains gently over the city.ille”.

beso ( ) beso ( ) cow ??

gigi said...

oui mon crevette,

...thus making some ideas unspeakable...

comme tu image de pluie des mangues...
ou comme tu image de le saut de la vache...

some ideas are too pretty (or horrid, it depends) to put into words.

[[[dreaming of mango crepe with chocolate]]]