Friday, April 10, 2009

Here And Now, and Forever

Je Bautista (1966-2009)

He is a very private guy in spite of his accomplishments. Under usual circumstances he would not want his face plastered on cyberspace. I got away with it on a few occasions, this counted.

He is a writer (and he thinks my writing style is too "clinical", whatever that means), musician, and editor, as well as a mover and a visionary. A mean cook, a food connoisseur. A mentor and a spiritual guide to many. And a dog. Unfortunately, unlike cats, dogs do not have nine lives.

So long, Je. Enough with this triteness, now....


vivalogos said...

hey gi, naiyak na naman ako nung nakita ko post mo. the other night i played the songs je used to email me and his other friends. got drunk by myself. i found two texts he sent me about the old mayrics. tinago ko so i can show you.
please text me for anything, ha.

Anonymous said...

gigi, just wanted to let you know that the entire batch 83 group was sent an email about his demise. we all extend our sincerest condolences to you as well. very bright yang si je - honors class in high school.

also one time, je and some guys put together an impromptu band in our freshman year of college to perform in the auditorium...after 2 songs pa lang, the jesuit priest cut it short for being "too noisy". hahaha

vivalogos, i don't know you, but i remember the old mayrics as well. and club dredd. and katrina's. he introduced me to punk music. gave me my first (used and battered) dm's. very generous, no pretensions.

i miss him too.


Marika and friends said...

@gina: when i was in hongkong 2 years ago, i asked je if i could post photos of his hkg visit on multiply. he hesitated at first, then said, sige na nga! two more links here:


i do not have the heart to go over the photos again, yet. those were really fantastic memories.

@daydok: thank you so much to you and your batch. je has always been, well, the disturber of the peace. :))

vivalogos said...

daydok is right. je was very, very generous. his last gifts to me were two box sets of the cure and the clash--bands he knew i love. i promised to give him two VU vinyls in exchange. i still have them. gi, sama natin sa collection niyo.


ska said...

Hi Gi... I cried again reading this. I cannot even begin to imagine what you must feel when I, for one, am so very lost right now with what has happened. I cannot begin to describe how much I miss my dearest friend. We must and shall talk soon.

christine said...

dearest gigi, i read your FB wall message today and couldn't reply right away -- i was speechless. i am so sorry about your loss. with you by his side, he lived a beautiful life. yes, let's meet again when you're up and about, ok? take care and i'll see you soon.

Marika and friends said...

@ches, i should watch huka na. agh. is there a short cut to learning how to drive? parang si trinity sa matrix when she learned to fly the chopper in a jiff? para i can go to gigs when and where i want without having to worry about ride.

@xtin, make it soon!!!!! :) you know, i am begging people to keep me busy. so looking forward. buzz me, i am ready.