Monday, March 23, 2009

Intermission: Dog


You are no different from the rest. Afflicted with the same old ills, you try to charm an equally impoverished (and gullible) young lady, getting away as you shamelessly brandish your usual disarming doggie smile. And then run away with the best bone from the dining table, so smug and sure.

The lady fell for your little (sweet) disguise, in spite of my warnings. Pity.

The truth is, I would have given you a hug, given my love for furry creatures ... except that your fur is starting to fall off in clumps.


See you around, maybe at the sidewalk later? Arf!


Ligaya said...

"You fur is starting to fall off in clumps" -- hu hu my 10-year-old dog is going through this...and he has cataracts na... :-(

Anyway... Doc... I'm hosting the next edition of TBR (it's my first time!) and the topic is "TBR MD's: Their Lives and Letters." It takes too long to explain here hehe. The call for articles (and the explanation of the topic) is at I really hope you can join! :-) Thanks!

The Last Song Syndrome said...

gaya, i cannot contribute. i am sorry. truly sorry. you'll know why.