Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blog: Manila And Beyond


After several months of deliberation I have finally decided to start a blog called Manila and Beyond.

You can read my introduction HERE.

The blogsite is a little bare as of yet, but I will add to it quickly in the next few weeks or so. But ideas have been pouring in, both from my own experiences as well as some of my friends who are excited to help me with this project.

I am giving credit to a good friend Hilboy of Bisikleta Productions for my banner. He is one of my preferred graphics artists whenever we have to produce posters and similar needs, specifically for gigs. Check out his Bisikleta Production blogsite here.

Again, I would love to have you guys join me. I think it is true that writing should be, more than anything else, an expression of oneself, a release, but it definitely gives the writer joy when he/she knows that some people are reading his/her works and are actually finding them enjoyable and helpful.

The road trip will not always be smooth, but it is the lessons that are picked up along the way that makes a worthy, memorable trip.

So, hop right in with me if you dare. :)

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