Sunday, May 10, 2009

Walking Around Ateneo

Yesterday I found myself inside the Ateneo de Manila compound, my vehicle tearing through torrents of rain as it dashed towards the Christian Life Community Center. It was an appointment with Je's sister-in-law: we were ironing the details of Je's 40th day death anniversary celebration. The meeting lasted for about two hours, and by the time I got out of the building the sun was shining ridiculously bright, as if it did not rain at all.

I decided to walk around, which I haven't done around ADMU in a long while.

I love roaming around the ADMU campus, even though I did not study at the Ateneo. In many ways, I have linkages to the Ateneo. My cousins studied here, and most of my friends are Ateneans. Je is, likewise, a product of the Ateneo.

(I have nothing against La Salle, before you begin to think otherwise.*smiles*)

Before, when I was a lot younger, it was just, at most, a matter of comparing my own school with the Atenean landscape. (I certainly care about my school, UP Diliman, but I always felt that it is not as pretty as Ateneo. But this is just my opinion.) This time, as I trod along the roads awash by the rains, scintillating beneath the afternoon sun, I realise that walking on Ateneo grounds now means a whole lot more to me than just roaming around.


daydok said...

is it almost 40 days? ang bilis. je will always be remembered. thanks for the pics, too, gigi.

gigi said...

ang bilis nga. :) sa may 13 ang 40th, but there will be another celebration on saturday. thanks.