Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Last Song Syndrome 6: Drink The Money, Don't Go (See Spot), when Shenzhen was still a daily topic in the household

"Don't go away so hastily
I know you work all night
But I drink the money
Don't go."

- See Spot, "Drink The Money, Don't Go"
The rather glum lyrics of this fun-sounding song has little to do with how times were some three to four years ago. My memory of these times is rather hazy, since I was busy training in the hospital. But this was one of the songs we would often play while my housemate and I talked about his daily life in Shenzhen, where he was stationed for a few months.

There is no special reason for associating the song to the memory. It just so happened that this song, which is performed by See Spot and is part of Jump Up Records 10th Anniversary Sampler, was then one of my favorite tunes, in the same way that Shenzhen was a favorite topic for many months. Then more new stuff landed in our players, and more topics became of greater interest (like Bangkok) and for some time, I forgot about this tune.

This morning, I was rummaging through clutter on our table and found the Jump Up sampler. Later in the day, I was pleasantly surprised to see The Meloinks leave a comment in one of my posts. My first comment for the year! This post certainly goes to Meloinks - again, I do not see the association between him and the song. But sometimes things such as life, death, and serendipity need little explaining, if at all. So, cheers, and here's my first "non-mushy" post for 2009.

Jump Up Records logo and See Spot photo from their respective sites.


the philippine daily idiot said...

I'm kinda not aware of See Spot. What about about Shenzhen?

Well, except I am serendipitously in one post with them.

Ok, let's leave it at that. Hehehe.

gigi said...

no, you have absolutely nothing to do with see spot (which i half-expected anyway :P) nor shenzhen. serendipity, maybe. yeah, back off. hahahah!